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Website and application

We design, build and launch any mobile application according to your idea or requirements in both IOS and Android platforms. Our app developing team members are always available you can visit us or send your requirements through the site.

Software solutions and programs

We design, build and install enterprise solutions to computerise work progress including developing our own algorithms. We can build any program you may need to make your life easier.


Green light lab

Every organization is responsible for ensuring Cyber Security. The ability to protect its information systems from impairment or even theft is essential to success. Implementing effective security measures will not only offer liability protection; it will also increase efficiency and productivity. With our Green Light Lab workshop participants will understand the different types of malware and security breaches and develop effective prevention methods which will increase overall security. They will also understand the basic concepts associated with Cyber Security and what a company needs to stay secure.


We have professionals in branding contents writing and graphic designers who can make your brand identity remarkable